What are Mini E-Cigarettes

By | October 22, 2015

E-cigarettes have recently been causing a stir for all smokers worldwide. These revolutionary cigarettes are believe to help people quit smoking cigarettes. Basically, this e-cigarette looks like the real cigarette but it does not contain any of the harmful substances like tar and nicotine. It gives smokers that same smoking experience but it does not add any chemical substances to the body. Smokers who continuously use e-cigarettes can reduce the nicotine in their system and eventually get rid of it. Some smoke so they can do something with their hands. Some do it because the smoke feels good while drinking alcohol or drinking coffee. E-cigarettes still give them those same experiences but it does not have nicotine content so we don’t know what all the fuss is about! They give off vapor in contrast to the harmful secondhand smoke that tobacco cigarettes give off.

Recently, the mini e-cigarettes have joined the market. They are the smallest and most compact e-cigarettes currently available. Basically this mini e-cigarette is a compact atomizer that has a refill cartridge built in. It addresses the frequent complain of the failure of atomizer cartridges that the normal e-cigarettes have. It may not perfectly address all the failures of e-cigarettes but it is definitely a new and improved product that offers a solution to the cartridge problems of the usual e-cigarettes.

Basically, the mini e-cigarettes are priced around $39.95 – $79.95 per kit. There are a number of flavors and the nicotine levels which range from zero, high, medium and low. The kit usually contains 2 mini e-cigarettes with lithium batteries, charger, adapter and free nicotine cartridges and of course, the instruction manual.

The main feature that diverts mini e-cigarettes from regular cigarettes is its built in atomizer in the cartridge. This makes the cigarette last longer compared to the other models. It is very convenient to easily swap flavors and nicotine levels without any of the after taste staying in the atomizer. You won’t even have to worry about the nicotine solution getting on your hands. The refill has form fitting silicone on the end caps, so you can easily put it back or take it out while maintaining the freshness.

The mini e-cigarettes are more compact and convenient compared to the older models. In general, e-cigarettes are increasing in popularity and are ideal solutions for those who want to quit. There is no foolproof method when it comes to smoking. If you have tried several times to quit, you know what I’m talking about. It is always a challenge to break a habit. Heavy smokers have especially incorporated smoking into their daily routine that it becomes difficult to stop. This is why e-cigarettes are preferable. They give smokers that same cigarette experience but without the harmful substances. Smokers have the prerogative to control the nicotine level intake of their e-cigarette. It may take some time to completely rid of the smoking habit but e-cigarettes are a step to get there. If you are deciding to quit, try the mini e-cigarettes for your convenience.