Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes

Many people who are skeptical about electronic cigarettes are usually that way because they do not know how these electronic cigarettes work. It seems like a very strange process to them and many do not believe that there is a way to get nicotine into your body without actually inhaling smoke or wearing a nicotine patch. But that is the beauty of technology, there are always advances being made. When you take a look at electronic cigarettes, you will see that they are actually battery operated devices. The way in which the electronic cigarettes work might be a little complicated to the layman, but it’s actually pretty simple.


Electronic Cigarette

In most brands of electronic cigarettes contain a battery, a nicotine cartridge and an atomizer. The batteries are usually rechargeable and they work not only in the process of giving you the nicotine, but they also give the electronic cigarettes a lighted tip that makes it look just like a real cigarette is glowing when you look at it from afar. This is all done to maintain the look and feel of a real cigarette, because a lot of people find this look and feel most appealing when smoking. The nicotine cartridge is made with a mouthpiece and a reservoir for the nicotine solution and you can usually buy these nicotine cartridges in various flavors. If you want it to taste like tobacco, you can get those, but you can also get more pleasant tastes like menthol and vanilla as well. You can also determine whether you want to buy low or high level nicotine patches, which is great because most people don’t smoke the same type of cigarettes – some like lights and others like really strong cigarettes.

The atomizer is activated when you take a drag from the cigarette, and this is what produces the vapor which you inhale, which is where you get the nicotine from. This vapor that you are inhaling is a lot healthier than the smoke that you would inhale with a regular cigarette. When you are smoking normal ones, yes, you are inhaling nicotine, but you are also getting tar into your body, which is what clogs your arteries and gives you problems in your lungs as well. You are also inhaling many harmful chemicals with real cigarettes. That is not the case with electronic ones. They are still not safe, because nicotine is not a safe substance, but they are healthier than real cigarettes, because you are getting the dose of nicotine you desire without all of the other negative things that enter your system when inhaling a real cigarette.

Let’s not forget that you will also be avoiding the nasty smells that come with smoking real cigarettes. So not only will your hair and clothes not smell, but neither will your apartment once you switch to electronic ones. These are only some of the few benefits of electronic cigarettes, and it is no wonder that so many people are ditching real ones and giving these a try.



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