VaporFi Review

VaporFi an in depth look at some of the greatest electronic cigarettes on the market

vaporfi logoThere are not many brands of electronic cigarettes that have the same reputation as VaporFi and there is good reason for this. They have been known for quality and superior customer service for a long time. They have some of the trendiest designs for their products and they produce some of the best flavored cartridges that one will find on the market. The VaporFi ecigs always has a great product and we are sure that their newer products are not going to be a disappointment.

Reviewers have mentioned that they love the design of the electronic cigarette that VaporFi produces. They have a modern black color that appeases to all of its customers and they have a clean looking white color that anyone can enjoy. The customer base for the VaporFi is really adamant about how great their product is but a lot of people have never tried VaporFi Cigs before. There is a great way to get started using high quality electronic cigarettes like this and it is called a starter kit.

The starter kits are one of the top sellers for VaporFi because of the amount of new electronic cigarette users. This new market is very popular and VaporFi Cigs was smart enough to see it coming. The developed a starter kit that contains all of the components necessary to get anyone started using their product.


A very VaporFi Cig starter kit a review

vaporfi ecigsA lot of people overlook the importance of some of the smaller components of the starter kit, but truthfully the smaller components are really what add value to the overall product. The batteries that VaporFi ecigs uses are some of the highest quality batteries on the market and will overall extend the experience for many more hours than a normal electronic cigarette user is going to expect. The Premium starter kit comes with high quality batteries but the VaporFi e-cigs 100s have a higher capacity. There is no reason to believe that you will be disappointed with either of the batteries.


flavor of vaporfiFlavor cartridges are the meat of an electronic cigarette. Almost all of the electronic cigarette smokers are converts from the traditional cigarette. This means that the primary flavors are going to resemble the traditional cigarettes. VaporFi Cig has created a lot of different flavored cartridges, but their bestselling are the classic tobacco and the magnificent menthol. There are a few people that appreciate a little bit of a different kind of electronic cigarette and VaporFi e-cigs has always created what the customers want. They have some crazy flavors. The first is for the coffee lover and it is called the java jolt. The fruit lovers better not worry because they can also get cherry crush, vivid vanilla, pina colada and peach schnapps. The flavors are all wonderfully different and each deserve a try, but if you know what you normally buy then you can rest assured that the VaporFi e-cigarette spin on the flavor is going to be just as good. There are a lot of companies that produce a lot of different flavors to attract people to buy their product. VaporFi ecigs doesn’t do this because they realize that creating a high quality product is what brings customers coming back to their products again and again.


The charging equipment is usually a second hand thought for a lot of people, but this is a mistake. If you are going to be using your e-cigarette in different locations then you need to be able to move the power from one location to the next. The thing with charging is that there is very little sources of power in your home. People don’t want to buy a charger that someone can screw into a light socket or hook to a microwave. There are two basic charging locations in a house; devices that have USB compatibility and a wall charger. If you want more then you are welcome to buy another accessory, but they are frivolous and unneeded.  Thankfully the VaporFi e-cigs kit comes with both a USB charger and a wall charger so that anyone can use their electronic cigarette anywhere.


Let’s talk about the quality of the electronic cigarette in terms of vapor quality and enjoy ability. The VaporFi Cigarette creates one of the best experiences available in the electronic cigarette market. They have outstanding flavor that cannot be paralleled by any other brand. The satisfying and smooth flavor of the VaporFi Cigarette really brings one to enjoy a good quality product like this one. If I was a competitor I would really be worrying about market share. These electronic cigarettes have the ability to produce a very significant user base just based on their high quality work. They don’t need to spend a lot of money marketing to get their product into their customer’s hands because of word of mouth advertising which seems to be working very well for this company. If you know a person that uses VaporFi ecigs then it is safe to say that they are having an enjoyable experience with the cigarette.


The prices are very reasonable for the quality of the kits as well. There are three different styles of kits that can be purchased. Two of the kits are the Premium Starter Kits which come with either a black or a white style. These kits are selling right now for $79.95 and come with two batteries, five cartridges, 1 charging pack, 1 wall charger and a 1 USB charger. This kit has everything that an electronic cigarette user would need to start his journey. There is also the Premium100 kit which comes with the special batteries that, as stated previously, last longer than the regular kits batteries. This kit is really for a person that believes they are going to be risking running out of battery. If you have constantly run out of power with your other electronic cigarettes then spending the extra ten dollars is worth the money for not having to worry about that happening again.


Overall, the VaporFi Cigarettes electronic cigarette has high quality products that offer the consumer a great experience. The accessories are adequate and VaporFi e-cigs kept all the unnecessary costs out and passed those savings on to the customer. The batteries last a sufficient amount of time and with the Premium100 batteries the user should never have to worry about running out of a charge again. The starter kit comes with 5 flavor cartridges which is enough for anybody transferring to the electronic cigarette or just trying the brand out. The prices are more than reasonable and at only $79.95 there is going to be a lot more people trying out VaporFi ecigs. Overall with the quality of the product and with the starter kit coming with all the components that someone would want to buy, the rating for the VaporFi ecigs is 9 out of 10.