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Blogging Online

Welcome to smoking hot blogging online, we take a look at all the things related to health, technology, politics and write our take on it. Thats right, we talk about a lot of subjects, but we just love too. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy reading through our site. We pretty much guarantee you’ll… Read More »

Smoking and E Cigs

According to the smoke ban laws, it is legal to vape pretty much anywhere you want. You can whip out your electronic cigarette in your car, in a bar, in a classroom, in a theater, in outer space, and even in airplanes (except for Southwest which allows you to take them on planes but not… Read More »

Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes

There are many reasons why the e cig has been rated one of the most popular new products on the market these past few years. First of all, The e cig does do not contain the same level of harmful toxins are traditional smokes. In fact, e cigs deliver nicotine in a vapor form and… Read More »