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Why Choose an E Cigarette

These e cigarettes are simply another way to satisfy the heinous nicotine cravings that might haunt those people who are greatly addicted to nicotine. Comparing with something in real life; they are like low alcohol beer. E cigarettes for smokers are like a plan B. something that is less harmful but ultimately necessary. But it in no way is an encouragement for all those who are either under aged or for all those that are blessedly far away from the heinous act of smoking.

ecig factsThis provides them with a better alternative, an alternative that saves them from feeling all the with drawl symptoms. The electronic cigarettes can also be called as a small step towards ultimately leaving the cigarette and smoking habit forever. Gradually people who smoke e cigarettes decrease the quantity of the nicotine in their refills. From a gradual decrease, it finally goes down to zero and ultimately people tend to quit smoking. So an e cigarette plays an important part in helping people get rid of smoking tobacco. On the other hand, there are those people who tend to pursue and continue e cigarettes because they want to and feel like they cannot do without it.

Some facts about the e cigarettes

  • E-cigarettes do not last for ever
  • You should not be under the incorrect assumption that when you buy e cigarette it comes with a life time guarantee of lasting till you take your very last breath. In truth, every item that composes an e cigarette is actually perishable. It has a certain life time after which it would really be of no use to you. Even the batteries are, even though they are rechargeable and can be recharged for up to 200 times but it could be bet that the batteries would be rendered useless after about being used about a hundred times. The cartomizers and the atomizers have various life spans. They can last from a day to about few months if you use a high quality one that is. But at the end of the day, they can be disposed too and are considered disposable. Cartomizers can either be disposed or you can end up refilling them but only for about five times.
  • The e cigarette can be considered to be one unit. It is one unit that has various parts; these parts are actually interchangeable. Each part is available in the market and each part comes from a variety of vendors. It is possible to have a unit composed of parts from different vendors. It is highly possible to have a cartomizer from one vendor and the battery from the other vendor and ultimately have an e cigarette. In some cases, they might not fit with exact precision but is still possible to compile them in to one unit that can be smoked.
  • You never really know which part might die out on you after you take your last breath. So it is important to keep plenty of spares with you. Having spares with you would ensure that you will never be left stranded with an e cigarette that does not function well and properly. Spares are essential too because when the various parts do die out, you cannot predict when and which part is going to die out next.

What are Mini E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes have recently been causing a stir for all smokers worldwide. These revolutionary cigarettes are believe to help people quit smoking cigarettes. Basically, this e-cigarette looks like the real cigarette but it does not contain any of the harmful substances like tar and nicotine. It gives smokers that same smoking experience but it does not add any chemical substances to the body. Smokers who continuously use e-cigarettes can reduce the nicotine in their system and eventually get rid of it. Some smoke so they can do something with their hands. Some do it because the smoke feels good while drinking alcohol or drinking coffee. E-cigarettes still give them those same experiences but it does not have nicotine content so we don’t know what all the fuss is about! They give off vapor in contrast to the harmful secondhand smoke that tobacco cigarettes give off.

Recently, the mini e-cigarettes have joined the market. They are the smallest and most compact e-cigarettes currently available. Basically this mini e-cigarette is a compact atomizer that has a refill cartridge built in. It addresses the frequent complain of the failure of atomizer cartridges that the normal e-cigarettes have. It may not perfectly address all the failures of e-cigarettes but it is definitely a new and improved product that offers a solution to the cartridge problems of the usual e-cigarettes.

Basically, the mini e-cigarettes are priced around $39.95 – $79.95 per kit. There are a number of flavors and the nicotine levels which range from zero, high, medium and low. The kit usually contains 2 mini e-cigarettes with lithium batteries, charger, adapter and free nicotine cartridges and of course, the instruction manual.

The main feature that diverts mini e-cigarettes from regular cigarettes is its built in atomizer in the cartridge. This makes the cigarette last longer compared to the other models. It is very convenient to easily swap flavors and nicotine levels without any of the after taste staying in the atomizer. You won’t even have to worry about the nicotine solution getting on your hands. The refill has form fitting silicone on the end caps, so you can easily put it back or take it out while maintaining the freshness.

The mini e-cigarettes are more compact and convenient compared to the older models. In general, e-cigarettes are increasing in popularity and are ideal solutions for those who want to quit. There is no foolproof method when it comes to smoking. If you have tried several times to quit, you know what I’m talking about. It is always a challenge to break a habit. Heavy smokers have especially incorporated smoking into their daily routine that it becomes difficult to stop. This is why e-cigarettes are preferable. They give smokers that same cigarette experience but without the harmful substances. Smokers have the prerogative to control the nicotine level intake of their e-cigarette. It may take some time to completely rid of the smoking habit but e-cigarettes are a step to get there. If you are deciding to quit, try the mini e-cigarettes for your convenience.

Smoking and E Cigs

According to the smoke ban laws, it is legal to vape pretty much anywhere you want. You can whip out your electronic cigarette in your car, in a bar, in a classroom, in a theater, in outer space, and even in airplanes (except for Southwest which allows you to take them on planes but not use them). There simply is no legal language that explicitly says that you can’t vape places.  Anywhere besides New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York and Pennsylvania does not have laws that prohibit e-cig usage and sale. And to me, this is completely logical. Vapor does not project second hand smoke and there is no lingering or offensive odor, nor a fire or burn hazard, so whats all the fuss about?.

pl1649922-900_puffs_650mah_14_mm_ego_t_electronic_cigarette_130mm_3hs_with_gift_boxBut does this mean that you should go to a club and start blowing fat plumes of vapor in people’s faces? Definitely not. If a security sees you smoking something out of a strange device, he will most likely think you are smoking weed. This has happened to me on numerous occasions. When I explain to him it’s merely an “electronic cigarette”, they always back off.

I personally don’t believe people should be vaping conspicuously in public establishments in general. It’s simply obnoxious. It will annoy people. As vapers, we don’t want to be considered annoying people.

In short, I think that we should all feel free to vape pretty much anywhere we want, but do so discretely.  I take “ghost hits” on the BART (The bay area’s subway system), in bars, in clubs, restaurants – pretty much anywhere, but I do so discretely and respectfully.

And there’s another plus side to forcing yourself to vape discretely: when you step outside you will no longer have to limit yourself and it will allow you to have that “fresh air” break that you used to take when you smoked normal cigarettes.


FDA Bans Marijuana E-Cigs?


The FDA has been debating for several months as to whether or not they should ban the advertising of electronic-cigarettes as marijuana-administering devices. From an objective standpoint, e-cigarettes were never intended to be used for vaping weed. Of course, as I described in a previous post, with the proper e-liquid, a wide array of psychoactive substances theoretically be vaporized and inhaled. I’m not exactly sure why the FDA is attempting to crack down on the use of Marijuana E-Cigs. They haven’t stopped the sale of marijuana vaporizers, such as the popular Volcano, so why would they be up-in-arms about e-cigarettes? Another problem with this issue is that it may inaccurately conflate e-cigarette users with marijuana users, when they are actually two distinct market segments.


Electronic Cigarettes banned on Planes

The United States Department of Transportation has just banned e-cigs on planes. I suppose this news should have been expected. At the moment, there is too much confusion among the public as to what an electronic cigarette is. Plus, it would be extremely irritating for someone to be vaping in my face. I’ve certainly vaped on a plane before, but I always “stealth vape” and inhale the vapor until nothing comes out.

What’s all the Fuss About?

Electronic cigarettes, which are otherwise called smokeless cigarettes, have come to be more and more ubiquitous with smokers who are worried about their health or are attempting to stop the propensity. Granted that an electronic smoke looks and tastes a lot such as a customary cigarette, the minor electric storage device controlled gadget holds no tobacco, tar or carbon monoxide and does not give off any awful or obnoxious second hand smoke.

What are E Cigarettes?

vaping e cigsGranted that the aforementioned e-cigarettes, as they are likewise ordinarily known, are recognized to be sheltered, there are some conceivable symptoms electronic smokes.

On the grounds that the aforementioned cigarettes are a moderately new concoction, having been broadly accessible just subsequent to around 2006, the conceivable symptoms the consequences for health when all is said in done are still being contemplated to some degree. Also, not everybody who utilizes them will encounter the same impacts from smoking an electronic cigarette, or endure them to the same degree. In the event that you have been smoking for numerous years and switch to e-cigarettes, you might discover the symptoms extreme or more observable.

Be that as it may, a large portion of the aforementioned who change from “legitimate” smoke to the electronic mixed bag appear to experience no unfriendly or disagreeable symptoms. On the grounds that e-smokes still hold nicotine, anybody utilizing them is similarly as prone to experience a percentage of the same nicotine identified impacts and side effects as they might get from smoking a genuine smoke, and can likewise experience withdrawal indications while surrendering e-smokes.

The aforementioned electronic cigs are increasing in popularity and still hold nicotine, even though it is in a fluid structure. On the other hand, it is exceptionally straightforward to unintentionally suck a portion of the fluid nicotine into your mouth, which can feasibly be hazardous, and can hurt the figure’s respiratory framework. To abstain from doing this, most e-smoke producers suggest taking short delays their feature; conceivably of less than a couple of seconds, even though as numerous smokers know, this is not dependably a simple thing to do. Since they still hold nicotine in some shape, they can even now be addictive and numerous specialists contend that they can even be more addictive for some individuals than true smoke. One slant has been towards the presentation of fake cigarettes that are completely nicotine unhindered, yet which still nearly reflect the encounter of smoking.

The nicotine and chemicals introduce in the aforementioned virtual cigarettes can additionally create different other reactions; is not dependably evident that the aforementioned are almost always initiated by smoking, making it challenging to diagnose faultlessly. An excessive amount of nicotine can create migraines, which can shift in their intensity, and the propylene glycol put forth in the apparatus can likewise accelerate a dry or sore throat or nose. The aforementioned e-cigs additionally need a conformity from sniffing smoke to breathing vapor, and this can additionally create a sore or dry throat in certain smokers. Certain smokers additionally report an obnoxious delayed flavor impression, when they change from legitimate cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes can likewise cause other reactions. The propylene glycol put forth in the units can discharge lactic harsh corrosive into the figure, which can create hurting muscles. Switching from smoking genuine cigarettes to quit can likewise prompt draining gums, the explanation for why being that smokers frequently almost always have stronger gums. In the event that you encounter draining gums on account of utilizing one of the aforementioned units, the issue might as well vanish without anyone else present after something like a week or somewhere in the vicinity. Other more minor reactions might be a feeling of tightness around the shoulders and neck, sinus blockage and dry eyes. Certain smokers come to be jittery, and might acknowledge that their hands are shaking.

One reaction the aforementioned manufactured cigarettes is that they can maybe hearten smoking near youngsters and high schoolers. Since they are considerably promoted as being both more secure and healthier than smokes, they are regularly discerned as not being smoke whatsoever, or as being some sort of fun item or gimmicky unit. Certain marks of e-smoke are even ready in a mixture of alluring essences, for example mint, strawberry, chocolate and caramel, which can’t just pull in kids to attempt them, however non smokers simultaneously.

In spite of the fact that the symptoms electronic smokes are not ordinarily intense, there are still chances connected with this feature. You may as well dependably purchase a reputable or trusted mark of electronic cigarette; there have been issues in the past with less reputable marks holding much more nicotine than they might as well, or was shown on the bundling.

What does the FDA think of E Cigarettes?

The FDA has not formally distinguished the electronic mixture of smoke as being a much more secure elective to universal smoke. It is absolutely a more secure and healthier elective to genuine smokes, and numerous non smokers value the way that they are not breathing second hand smoke; you can likewise smoke them anyplace and they take a mess less than genuine smokes. On the other hand, a greatly improved result for anybody acknowledging the aforementioned e-cigs might be to surrender smoking through and through.

Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes

There are many reasons why the e cig has been rated one of the most popular new products on the market these past few years.

First of all, The e cig does do not contain the same level of harmful toxins are traditional smokes. In fact, e cigs deliver nicotine in a vapor form and the harmful toxins found in traditional smokes are not part of e cigs. Hence, it is almost unarguably a healthy alternative. Secondly, while old fashion smokes have been banned in most public places, e cigs are allowed. From restaurants to airports to Bars. For those who have already made the switch to e cigs, there is no more worrying about trying to “sneak” a cigarette when no one is looking. Thirdly, since smoking electronic cigarettes mimics the same hand to mouth motion as old fashioned cigs, many believe that switching to e cigs is a great way for many to quit smoking altogether. Fourthly, smoking e cigs is cool. Celebrities ranging from David Letterman to Mel Gibson to Danny Bonaduce to Katherine Heigel to Johnny Deep have all been spotted holding a electronic cigarette. If Hollywood is doing it, it must be cool.

smoking e cig

We can go on and on with reasons why smoking e cig’s is preferable to (old fashioned) cigarettes such as less chance of throwing your cig out the window and burning down your local forest, but at this time we are encouraging you to try our limited time offer for yourself. Don’t be left behind being the out of style person stuck in yesterday’s world. Move yourself into the year 2012 and join the millions of people in the world who have already made the switch. One of the best types is the box mod, this is a small battery pack with a few electronics to make it something rather special!

“The greatest issue with cigarettes is the 500+ other ingredients added, not just the nicotine. Do we recommend the e cig for non-smokers? Of course not, but for current smokers the e cig is the most revolutionary device to date”
– Dr. Travis Stork from the popular TV show “The Doctors”

If you haven’t had the time to try the e cig before, here’s your chance to do so. It is easy to say that you want to stop smoking but it is definitely hard to accomplish. Most efforts to stop smoking fail. That is why you should do a bit of research and use tips like the ones in this article to help you in your quest to becoming a non-smoker.When quitting smoking, always drink a lot of water. Water can assist your body in eliminating all the nicotine and other bad chemicals.

Stop Smoking with e cigs

Many people really want to quit smoking but find it very difficult to do so, for one reason or another, real or imagined. A new gadget to help you quit smoking that is already in the market is the electronic cigarettes or e cig. They  look and feel  like the real stick of cigarette, and deliver the same nicotine fix, but this time without the toxins or the carcinogenic products of combustion. The e cig has a nicotine solution delivery device that releases the nicotine when the device is heated up. The e cig has the look, feel and smell of a traditional stick of cigarette. When all the other people around you are lighting up, you can take out an e cig, light up and be part of the group. With an e cig, you will never feel deprived of a smoke.

Why not try the e cig for yourself?

Discount E-Cigarettes Online

Some of the cigarette smokers have confessed to that they smoke basically as a result of that it looks “awesome”. Some of them also smoke to make a perception on other people. If you are additionally among such people after that you should identify that the Ecigs are likewise trendy in appearances. It appears like genuine cigarette to individuals which are not acquainted with the existence of E Cigarettes in the market. These Ecigs are definitely much better as compared to the pure nicotine eating gums that are likewise made to aid a cigarette smoker to get eliminate this routine.

E-cigarettes are a significantly healthier option to conventional smokes as it heats the e liquids, combination of flavor elements, Veggie Glycerin, Propylene Glycol as well as Nicotine (if wanted) as well as does not burn it, which safes against the substantial health problems that are linked with tobacco cigarette smoking. The smoke produced by the e cigarettes is not smoking nonetheless vapor, therefore it is of no injury to passive cigarette smokers also. Best ecigs save the smokers from the poisonous tar that is created by standard smoking, which is made from 40 carcinogenic drugs.

Stop cigarette smoking is a difficult task. You are going to run into any sort of psychological as well as physical pain and also this will make you increasingly more uneasy until your choice deteriorates and you finally reboot smoking cigarettes. These pains can be lightened recurring to ideal gave up smoking cigarettes products. Ecigs are just one of such products as well as a very popular one for many reasons. They are quickly available, cost effective and also are trendy to take a look at. It is important that decides on the most effective alternative to cut down cigarette smoking in the form of best ecig.

Electronic Cigarette

Involuntary inhalation has actually been along with will absolutely continuously be a considerable issue for our populace. Fortunately, these tools release no toxins or carcinogens, so they’re actually better for the space around you. In virtually every state, cigarette smoking in a confined accommodation, significantly populated event field as well as practically anywhere inside or public is limited. These gadgets are less offending to others around you, so you might discover that you can bring one to the park or ballgame without troubling others. Consequently the questions are ecigs safe can be addressed in the affirmative.

When you are seeking E-cigarette for sale then you would definitely situate it at an establishment near you. You could likewise purchase these cigarettes from an on-line establishment. Buying it from the online facility would certainly be much better as you will not need to leave the convenience of the home to acquire your useful cigarettes. You ought to also keep in mind that when you obtain these cigarettes from an on the internet establishment after that you can also obtain several financial savings that would conserve your cash.

Vapor Cigarette

So it can be seen that an E Cigarette has a variety of pros over a tobacco based cigarette. This is the factor behind these ECigs readily available for sale getting so famous. An additional amazing thing you will definitely experience when you obtain these E Cigarettes from a real company offering Ecigs for sale is that these cigarettes are allowed a bunch of benches or bars where the tobacco based cigarettes are prohibited. So you can smoke an E Cig virtually anywhere easily pertaining to whether it’s a no smoking geographical location or otherwise.

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Electronic Cigarette Reviews

It is true that electronic cigarettes are definitely a healthier option than real ones, but are they really safe? Well, the truth is that you cannot really safe that they are safe. You cannot deem as safe anything that contains such an addictive substance as nicotine. When you are smoking electronic cigarettes, you are getting the dose of nicotine that you crave, so you cannot really say that smoking electronic cigarettes is really safe, but you can definitely say that smoking electronic cigarettes is a lot less unhealthy than smoking real ones.



When you take a drag of an electronic cigarette, you are getting the nicotine through a vapor that comes from the electronic cigarette. So there is no burning, no smell, and no other fumes being emitted. When you smoke a real one, you are inhaling smoke, and with that, you are also getting a lot of bad chemicals into your lungs as well. And of course, with real cigarettes you also get tar, which clogs up your lungs and arteries and is the main ingredient of cigarettes that people consider to be unhealthy.

When you are smoking electronic cigarettes, you are not getting any of that. You are getting pure nicotine, and best of all, you can smoke them wherever you want to smoke them. Since they do not emit any smoke, that means that you can smoke them in bars and at restaurants without people complaining about smoke coming their way and without breaking any laws related to smoking in public. Not only that, but when there is no smoke, there is no smell of smoke either. So you are enjoying your nicotine with something that looks and feels exactly like a real cigarette, but you are not leaving your hair and clothes smelling like an ashtray. You are also not making your apartment smell terribly and you will not hear any complaints from people about the smell of your cigarettes anymore.

Another great thing is that you will really save a lot of money when you switch to electronic cigarettes. It was been proven that the cartridges that you buy last a long time and that you get double the amount of nicotine you would get with real cigarettes for a fraction of the price. There really are many reasons to try electronic cigarettes, and there are very few reasons not to try them. If you do not like them, you can always go back to the old ones, but if you do like them, you are on your way to being healthier, saving a lot of money and not smelling like smoke all of the time. And at the same time, you will be able to smoke anywhere you want without worrying about bothering people with your smoke or breaking any laws. It really is a win-win situation for everyone.

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Cheap E-Cigarettes

We help consumers like you buy electronic cigarettes. Our e cigarette review website has been online since 2009, and we’ve helped educate the over one million visitors who have come across our site since then not only find the right brand of e-cigarette for them, but to also save some money along the way. Please read our site in its entirety to ensure your visit is successful. Our site is A-rated and has been mentioned in numerous media outlets for our dedication to always providing the latest news.


E-cigarette Reviews

Electronic cigarettes, or what we commonly refer to as “e-cigarettes,” are rapidly becoming mainstream in the USA and abroad. Popular gas stations carry disposable e-cigarettes for sale, and bars, restaurants, and night clubs have accepted them as a welcome alternative to the smelly tobacco products customers used to expect when frequenting such places.

Electronic cigarette reviews are the most vital part of making sure your experience is an enjoyable one. Along with 1,000’s of consumers like you, we’ve done the hard part by putting down all of our experiences on paper and separating the facts from the myths. Read our various e-cigarette reviews to find out which brand is the best fit for you. We make several recommendations on this site, but your opinion may vary.

In order to access some of our most important pages, we’ve made a list of links below for quick reference.

Vapor Cigarette

After you get a chance to get started smoking electronic cigarettes, come back and leave us your own thoughts and e-cigarette reviews.

Note: Since this is such a new concept to society, there exist many slang terms for electronic cigarettes. Here is a list of common terms used to describe and search for electronic cigarettes: e cigarettes, e-cigarettes, e-cigarette, ecig, e-cigs, vapor cigarettes, electric cigarettes, fake cigarettes, and electronic cigarettes. Hopefully that helps end some confusion as many people have asked us to explain what the various terms mean.

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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life

Most people understand that smoking is bad for you, and they know that tar is partially to blame for the negative effects of smoking. But exactly how tar affects your body and health is not well understood by the majority of smokers and non-smokers alike. Science has discovered that there are really bad things in tar, and tar itself has a very specific impact on your body and health. Below are some of the most common effects of inhaling tobacco smoke and the tar that come with it.

Lung Disease

Lung cancer is a pretty infamous disease. While some people recover or manage to live for years after a lung cancer diagnosis, the majority of lung cancer patients live a shortened and painful life. Lung cancer is one form of lung disease, but lung disease is a broad term for all the diseases and conditions that cause you to have trouble breathing or affect the health of your lungs. Other forms of lung disease include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, asthma, and infections like tuberculosis, pneumonia, and the flu.

Smoking cigarettes increases your chances of contracting all kinds of lung diseases, including lung cancer. 90% of lung cancer cases are attributable to cigarette smoke, either from directly smoking cigarettes or from second hand smoke. In the United States, about 3000 people die every year from lung cancer because of second hand smoke. Cigarette smoke contain at least 69 confirmed and tested carcinogens, or cancer causing chemicals, as well as hundreds of harmful, toxic chemicals that effect your immune system and your body as a whole.

Bronchitis and Emphysema

The way that tar affects your body and health is much more specific in the bronchial tubes, bronchioles, and the air sacs and tissues in the lungs. Tar is a gooey, black substance that is left behind by cigarette smoke. Low tar cigarettes and filtered cigarettes attempt to limit the amount of tar that you inhale when smoking, but the fact is that if you are inhaling smoke, you are inhaling tar, too. Tar has a way of accumulating and causing problems that has made it the clear cause of many diseases, including bronchitis and emphysema.

Bronchitis occurs when your bronchial tubes, the air passages connecting your trachea to the lungs, becomes irritated and inflamed. The delicate lining starts to ooze mucus in an attempt to remove the tar that builds up and irritates the tissues. As a result, people with bronchitis cough and spit up phlegm regularly.

Emphysema is what happens when the air sacs at the ends of the bronchioles start to break down. Holes appear in the lung tissue, which means that you have less surface area where oxygen can be transported to the circulatory system. Emphysema is irreversible.

The only way to avoid getting tar into your lungs is to stop smoking tobacco. Inhaling the smoke from tobacco is carcinogenic and tar causes all kinds of damage and irritation which lowers your quality of life and eventually kills you.